All I want for Sinterklaas is . . . these 5 things

It’s that time of year again, Sinterklaas is coming and children all across the Netherlands can’t wait to put their shoes next to the fireplace, sing a song to Sinterklaas and they hope they get the gifts they put on their wish lists.

If you do not know what Sinterklaas is, check this link and you learn something new.

And just like very year, Sinterklaas has to get the wish lists from all the children, check if they were naughty or nice, get the presents and put them in their shoes. We at Otly want to help Sinterklaas a little and we can tell him what is on the wish list of almost every child.

These are the top 5 gifts children have on their wish list:


It’s an all time favourite, we don’t know a single person who hasn’t played with it or at least stepped on a Lego brick in the middle of the night (it hurts). With new lines of Lego coming out every year, this amazing gift is still sky-high on almost every child’s wish list. From NinjaGo to princesses, from starwars to Technic, Lego is still the top toy to give

Tech Gadgets – Drone, Hoverboards iPhone/iPad

With futuristic gadgets becoming easier to use and cheaper to buy, children are also using their pocket money to buy fun tech gadgets. From our data we can see that especially drones and hoverboards are big ticket items for children. Although these gifts are relatively expensive, children are saving for these gifts more than almost anything else. Is Sinterklaas going to go for this too or is he going for something more useful, like >

Sport equipment

Yes, although parents are often complaining that their children are not outside anymore, sport equipment is still on the wish list of a lot of children. Goalie gloves, new cleats or a longboard, children still love to be active and go outside and play. If the Sint wants to encourage the Dutch children to be active and move around, sports related gifts might be a good idea, just sayin’.

Games – Fifa, random PS4, XBox and Wii games

From going outside and playing soccer to going back inside and playing soccer. Children (and their parents too 😉 sometimes) love videogames and playing on a console. From



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