The future of money, scary or awesome?

This subject, predicting (or at least trying to) the future and trying to understand what might happen and why has always been the realm of startups. As such, startups has always been a g

Startups are not only thinking about the future and what there might be in store for all of us, over the past decades, startups have been the future. Since the moment the digital world really started growing and became more accessible to everyone, companies fro

Money is one of these things that can be radically changed by new and innovative companies who see a better future in which money has a different role.

Money used to change hands at the speed of humans, a boat with gold needed to cross an ocean, nowadays, the 1’s and 0’s representing that money could be sent across the globe in seconds. There is only one problem, banks and other institutions are limiting that speed, making it slow and expensive to send

As a digital society, the days of the gold standard are long gone and our money is worth what the markets say it is. Bills, gold, diamonds or anything else is worth whatever we all agree on it is worth. With the 2008 crash as a good example, money is a manmade product and some people and institutions think they can create it again. Not linked to a federal bank, not linked to a government, not linked to any sort of collateral. The first ‘successful’ example almost everyone knows is Bitcoin. This cryptocurrency can be mined by putting a lot of computing power to work in order to ‘dig’ the bitcoins out of digital mines.


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