The future of money, scary or awesome?

This subject, predicting (or at least trying to) the future and trying to understand what might happen and why has always been the realm of startups. As such, startups has always been a g Startups are not only thinking about the future and what there might be in store for all of us, over the past decades, startups have been the future. Since the moment … Continue reading The future of money, scary or awesome?

All I want for Sinterklaas is . . . these 5 things

It’s that time of year again, Sinterklaas is coming and children all across the Netherlands can’t wait to put their shoes next to the fireplace, sing a song to Sinterklaas and they hope they get the gifts they put on their wish lists. If you do not know what Sinterklaas is, check this link and you learn something new. And just like very year, Sinterklaas … Continue reading All I want for Sinterklaas is . . . these 5 things

Alexander Hamilton and startups

For all the people who are reading this and are thinking “huh?, wasn’t Alexander Hamilton that American guy? One of the founding fathers? Long gone before startups were a thing? So how is this comparison going to hold? Have you gone mad?” yes you are right. Alexander Hamilton was the first secretary of the treasury in the USA under the first president George Washington. Besides … Continue reading Alexander Hamilton and startups